Afford Yourself, Mixed Media on Canvas With Painted Frame, 19′ x 25″
Homage to Gauguin / Les Femmes de Tahiti, Mixed Media on Painted Frame with Driftwood
Hypnotic Prelude, Giclee Art Print
Senses Be Brave! Giclee Art Print
Pause Within The Mystic Moments, Acrylic
& Collage on Paper
Warrior Tide Amulet Necklaces, 2021-2022
The Warrior Tide Amulet Collection/2021-2022
Warrior Tide Amulet Necklaces, Shade Amour
Coastal Whelk Rainbow Bloom Print
The Butterfly Whisperer, Acrylic on Board
Mini Coastal Whelk Bloom
Coastal Beaded Necklaces
Bird of The Wild Wood, Mixed Media on Canvas
The Byzantium Bangle Collection
Warrior Tide Amulet Necklace
Sold/Roll’n Love Pod, Painting & Collage on Paper
Sold/ All Senses Sunday, Acrylic & Ink
on Paper

Mixed Media Book Collection
Sold/Momento Instanto Portrait, Acrylic & Ink
on Paper
Peace Treaty Rebel, Mixed Media on Box Canvas, 35″ x 35″
Sold/The Coastal Cove Whelk Wall
The Green Fairy’s Dinner Guests at the Bateau Lavoir, Mixed Media on Paper
Thank You Nirvana/1991/Portrait, 2022, Mixed Media on Paper
The Sea Maiden Wall Hanging
Sold/Large Hand Painted Shell Wall Hanging
Rustic Gemstone Beaded Charm Bracelet Set
Sold/Prussian Blue Seascape, Watercolor on Paper
Determina Portrait, Mixed Media on Book Page
Máthair (Gaelic Mother), Hand Painted Driftwood
Sold/Bird Siren Goddess with Rope,
Tassel & Shells
Coastal Whelk Blooms/ Shade Amour
The Azure Coastal Bloom Print
Infused Melatonia Portrait, Mixed Media on Paper
The Sista’s Soirée, Mixed Media on Paper
Sold/Hand Painted Faces, Shell
& Driftwood Mobile
Hand painted Lady Sea Shell Chip Mobile
Hand Painted Warrior Amulet Tide Necklaces
Bird Face & Friend, Hand Painted Shell & Rope Wall Hanging
Bird Siren Goddess with Beads & Tassel
Sold/ Urban Lush, Mixed Media on Canvas