Studio News /The Coastal Shell Wall Hangings+

+N O U R I S H E D / W A L L S = N O U R I S H E D / S O U L+

I have been just loving creating these wall hangings this year! Here’s a peak at one very large one that now lives in palm beach, Florida~Sometimes I think of them as huge wall necklaces! This one can be hung so many different ways~

These are flying out from the studio! Will be stocking up for the Holidays and adding to the shop++++and as usual, if in my hood I still offer my creations from the studio too! Ok! have a great week y’all! Happy Fall!

The Amulet Warrior Tide Amulet Collection/2021

OUT NOW! My spring/summer Amulet Necklace collection is now available in my shop! A big thanks to all you peops who gave me such kind and generous feedback as well as beautiful inspiration! I took a while off from my jewelry biz and it’s been such an incredible journey to get back to it. Creating these pieces during Covid time just so grounded me mentally and spiritually+++

Each piece in the collection is infused with immense gratitude for the ocean and all it gives to me day in and day out. I wish for the wearer of any one of the necklaces to feel the vibration in the truest sense of a brave Warrior, similar to the one I felt like I was becoming, one that has the strength to be grateful no matter what storm comes, the one that lives life fearlessly!

Peace & Luv to all!

Spring Studio News!

Well finally it’s beginning to feel a bit like Spring! Lots of new creations coming forth these last months and really ready to get them out into the world! I also reopened my shop and am starting fresh so stay tuned for more listings this month!

My “Coastal Blooms” at Shade Amour, LBNY

Fall Painting Show!

Sept News from the Studio

Hi guys! I’m excited! I reopened my Etsy shop recently if you would like to check it out! I’l be selling mostly smaller original paintings and some jewelry again. For now I’m offering free shipping and shipping within the U.S. only but at the same time please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions if interested in a piece and your outside of U.S. Along with selling on Etsy I also sell on Instagram and you just DM me if interested in any work you see. OK! Have a beautiful & bright Sunday!!

Looking Back / Growth Spurt

thumbnail (3)HELLO NOVEMBER! Regarding the Recreation job, new and much to get used to but as the weeks passed, I couldn’t help to feel that feeling of darn! I wish I had come to this earlier in my life! Why did it take so long to get here? But then again, I also knew that it really was actually the right timing for me, 2 years ago, for where I was at in my life to do this job. The universe was on toe with this delivery! because all my eclectic experiences throughout the past year’s journey’s had made me perfectly ready for this new position. I did fear for a minute there this would affect my Art, that I would have so much less time to create but as it happens, the opposite happened, my creativity actually came to a really high level for the simple reason of being healthier and happier, I do though, have to say, I’ve been working really hard on time management.

Thank you, my followers and customers! I am forever grateful and always try to wake up each day with a grateful heart! TRUST in the universe- ask it what you sincerely want in life. Also, at the most stressful times in life, my way is letting go and letting God or Universe whichever or whatever you believe in. it’s for real!!! Tune out and tune into your intentions! Commit and go through those walls by believing you can! Constantly reminding myself to keep this forefront because life takes over so easily but as soon as i remember boom! it works! Until next time guys! Hope your week is full on AMAZING!

Fall Studio News!


studio floor shot-april 2011Yo folks! Lotsa news+++ My Etsy shop is currently closed but will soon be back up and will let ya all know when I reopen it. If anyone is interested in any art on my facebook page or my Instagram feed please don’t hesitate to contact me.

sm..jULY ETSY COLLAGEiPiccy-collage

In the Studio: Working hard on finishing up some paintings which can’t wait to share and I’ve been working on my new +Alternative Visual Workshop+ idea, as well as prepping for my big Holiday Open Studio sale here which will hopefully be in mid-November.

NY Artist Micci Cohan_dream catcher_Boho wall decorThese Mini Dream Catchers were made in my Class at +LBAL+ this year with the residents.

Job front: My current job as a recreation leader at an assisted living place here in LB has been more than an amazing experience, to say the least. I teach many programs daily there and it has been so amazing to be making a difference in the resident’s life each and every day. Of course, my favorite is Art Class and my other favorite is Chair Exercise class which combines yoga, Tai chi, and dance- yes! you can dance in a chair! I will for sure be sharing more about my experience in future-




micci cohan_NY artist_ PJ Harvey Blog

++HAPPY 4RTH ++ Everyone!

STUDIO NEWS: The past 2 months have been pretty productive + Lots of new art created as well as some new jewels, an amazing open Studio show here, the completion of some commissions I really loved and this new blog. I’m currently a recreational assistant full time so trying real hard to be more organized with my time off as well as to remember to take adequate amount of time for myself to just stop and chill a bit and smell them flowers! My etsy store has many new pieces added to it in the last couple of months and there’s a big Sale going on right now! Really great prices for my originals and jewelry! Don’t miss it folks!

MAY 2017 ny ARTIST MICCI COHAN_ETSY STORE BANNER____________________________________________________________________________________________


Until next time! Have a Great +Holiday+ Weekend!!