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Prolific NY mixed media artist Micci Cohan is best known for her vibrant and expressive works, as well as her colorful dynamic imagery. Her candid explorations of her inner world intertwine with all that inspires her in her life. Whether it be a painting, sculpture, photography, her mixed media books or a jewelry collection, there is a beautiful seamless line which is connecting all her creations evoking a rich and fluid unity. 

Micci received a B.F.A. in painting at Parsons School of Design and studied printmaking at Fredonia College of Art. After living in NYC’s Lower East Side and being actively immersed in the art culture there for thirty plus years, she moved to Long Beach in 2013 and has called it home ever since. 

Along with exhibiting her art and selling her artworks both in the U.S. and internationally she also found herself over the years taking on an array of creative projects~ to name a few, she was a co-owner of a restaurant in the East Village, a colorful, eclectic art filled hot spot that had a successful run from ’94-2001. She’s done private commissions as well as ones for notable clients such as, The Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater, a New York City theater institution, as well as album covers for indie bands such as Salt Cathedral. She’s had original paintings auctioned off alongside American and European Artists, including Calder, Haring, and Miro with a prestigious Gallery in Chicago and has acquired many a collector worldwide. Micci also has had a successful run as a jewelry designer since 2010 and from time to time when inspired to will create a new collection. She has taught art to both children and the elderly and has given both jewelry and mixed media workshops. Most recently, she has been deeply passionate about helping people who are physically and mentally challenged by implementing creative therapeutic based programs.

Currently, she still loves to mix the art biz up with, art therapy for both, children and adults, creative workshops, design projects, and occasional freelance work. Her most recent work has been heavily inspired by her life by the sea and her collected artifacts from her coastal adventures. 

TO CASTLE IT ALL UNDER ONE STROKE! I am passionate about fearless creativity & the feeling of soaring high on that sacred journey it takes me on! Creating for me is an essential & beautiful poetic freedom; it’s when my soul’s gates feel unlocked in the purest way. I set out to capture my breath, to find the essence of my own existence to share and communicate with the world.

I’m making tangible my internal landscape by connecting pieces of images from my experiences, imagination & all that inspires me, all which I behold beautiful & what I feel most passionate about.