Looking Back / Growth Spurt

HELLO NOVEMBER! Hey folks! In a nutshell, life’s been, to say the least, ultra busy especially since last April when I went from Recreation leader to a Recreation Director at my job. For years I was giving all of my time to my Art and Jewelry business along with an eclectic array of art related jobs such as teaching both jewelry and art, painting/illustration commissions, working at various art studio’s, and lots more… In 2016 though I found myself yearning for something more and prayed hard to the universe to please help me find the perfect fit and finally landed it! November 2016 marked a new beginning for me, let’s just say a huge pivotal moment because I had found an entirely new passion besides my art for the first time in my life and it was full on an awesome awakening, to say the least. I was fully engaged in this new direction I was venturing into and my life had begun to take on a whole new meaning. The job was working as a Recreation Leader in a nearby assisted living facility. At first, it was as all so new and much to get used to but as the weeks passed, I couldn’t help to feel that feeling of darn! I wish I had come to this earlier in my life! Why did it take so long to get here? But then again, I also knew that it really was actually the right timing for me, for where I was at in my life to do this job. The universe was on toe with this delivery! because all my eclectic experiences throughout the past year’s journey’s had made me perfectly ready for this new position. I did fear for a minute there this would affect my Art, that I would have less time to create but as it happens, the opposite happened, my creativity actually came to a really high level for the simple reason of being healthier and happier, I did though, I have to say work really hard on time management.  Then here comes Instagram, loved it for especially the ‘time’ part- I also have sold more art on Insta in a year than other sites.

My entire existence since day one was me the artist first and foremost, but now all of a sudden happening was this immense realization that I was fully ready in my life to not just have art and self-be the center of my universe as it had been for years, but Giving++ now was the center of my universe.  At this job every day I am getting the biggest reward! the joy and pure happiness that comes with making a difference in someone’s life. I wear so many hats there it’s wild but that’s another post…. Ok- now about Instagram for a moment. In 2010 I started a Blog which I was really passionate about, it was about my life as an artist, a jewelry designer, my inspirations, NYC life, travel, thoughts, art reviews etc..I spent hours on each week getting content up and photographing, designing, marketing etc… all through to 2013 I kept up with it and then well, due to personal events I lost my server to that blog, sadly all lost! and had to start a new one, but then I opted for trying out Shopify for a while which is a great site but eventually just remained on Etsy and now this site. Instagram coming into the picture really saved me for so many reasons, the fact it took no time at all to post, for marketing reasons of course and sales! yes, sales- don’t want to forget the connection part of it, that’s awesome!! Instantly being able to connect with anyone in the world and comment and converse. hell yeah! works for me especially the ‘time’ part.

Within the last 2 years, I really can’t say enough about the challenges, the fear, the obstacles and on the flip side, the immense personal growth from all the above. Thank you, my followers and customers, for sticking with me through the flux’s and turns. I am forever grateful and always try to wake up each day with a grateful heart! TRUST in the universe- ask it what you sincerely want in life. Also, at the most stressful times in life, my way is letting go and letting God or Universe whichever or whatever you believe in. it’s for real!!! Tune out and tune into your intentions! commit and go through those walls by believing you can! Constantly reminding myself to keep this forefront because life takes over so easily but as soon as i remember boom! it works! Until next time guys! Hope your week is full on AMAZING!

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