Making Waves: 2020

Hello People! I’ve been trying to get back to keeping up with my site here but here’s the story- besides working full time as an Artist I also work full time as a Rec. Director at a wonderful Assisted Living facility in my town, and both have been keeping my plate very, very full and I’ve never been more happier. As I have spoke here about it before, I found myself in 2016 on an entirely new path which simply put, all of a sudden was all about putting myself out there more to serve others.. hence this Instagram post about >> Giving. The hardcore thing was though, UHMM.. how to find the balance between giving daily so much of myself and then how to be saving for myself and my creativity? Ahhh, the challenge of balancing. But now more than ever I feel I’ve accomplished the balancing act finally. One, well, because i don’t fight it anymore and two because i found that the Dir. job has actually inspired my creativity by taking it to a new place, maybe lesser hours to be creative than before but more quality hours.. yep! I started to find that happening eventually, and that sense of joy and fulfillment I get from my job there and all it entails, I think even more has enriched my art! There were fearful times, me wondering if I was taking the right path, if I should be the “artist” who works and focuses completely full time on her art career (ah,ha, did that for years but at this stage in life it was not full filling me and knew some change was really needed deep down) Sometimes I find myself just amazed at how if you really trust and have faith everything just settles eventually! All the fears, the why’s, the how will I’s, etc.. they all come to this beautiful fruition and settle into what is now which is oh so awesome. Ok, for now I sign off till next time- Happy 2020 Y’all! And to all out there never ever loose faith, the universe has a magical way of leading you to open doors you never would of thought you’d be one day standing in front of and entering!

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