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“I literally thrive on the process of creating; the most important thing for me since day one has always been the journey itself for it is during the journey the gates of my soul are unlocked and only the purest of truths flood out. Creativity is a euphoric love affair; it is a self-imposed vow, a dedication, a stampede to all that is my vital core and a connection then to that core. It means the quest to know and understand myself in the deepest way possible, a way of which I found at a really early age I can communicate best with by using a language that is all my own. I empty entirely out to share and communicate with the world what I need to, I go to a place where I meet myself and I dance that eternal dance!” Micci Cohan / 2017

+Born in NY, relentlessly prolific artist Micci Cohan is best known for her exuberant, expressive palette and an eclectic range of styles. Her work evokes a unique timelessness transcending current trends or categorizations. Since graduating from Parsons School of Design, Cohan’s art has acquired a devoted following of collectors throughout the years that span the globe. She has been a fixture on the New York art scene since the late 1980s and has exhibited at venues such as, The Fusion Arts Museum, 532 Gallery, Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, and Ward-Nasse Gallery, and ADA Gallery. Her paintings have been once auctioned off alongside American and European Artists including Calder, Haring, and Miro. She’s been featured in publications such as, The Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists edition, Artforum, The International Contemporary Artists and in the NY Arts Magazine. As a freelancer, to name some, she has been commissioned to do illustrations and portraits by notable clients such as, the prestigious Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater, a New York City theater institution, the Indie Pop Band, Salt Cathedral and the British musician, Clay. Currently, alongside creating her art and jewelry Micci teaches her mixed media art workshop, Senses Be Brave™ and is a Recreational Leader at an Assisted Living Facility where each and every day she is passionate about making a difference in peoples life’s, teaching art and yoga, and poetry just to name a few things to beautiful souls who light up her life and inspire her endlessly.