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I thrive on creating! The most important thing for me since day one has always been that wonderful, mystical journey I’m on while creating something, and it is indeed during that sacred time for me in which the soul’s gates are seemingly unlocked and only the purest of truths flood forward and out. Creating is an innate euphoric love affair, a self-imposed vow, a dedication, a stampede to all that is my vital core. It is when I feel most alive, my understanding and connection to myself is in the deepest mode possible, I am expressing myself honestly, sharing and communicating with the world what I need to, as well as making up worlds I need to see in front of me. I go to a place where I meet myself and I dance that eternal dance! Micci Cohan / 2020


Born in NY, prolific mixed-media artist Micci Cohan is best known for her exuberant, colorful, and expressive palette as well as an eclectic range of styles. Since graduating from Parsons School of Design in the late ’80s, she has exhibited her work in many galleries and alternative venues. She has sold over hundreds of pieces of art both in the US and internationally, has several collectors, and hopes to continue to keep adding more.

For most of the ’90s, Micci was painting out of her NYC Bowery studio whilst co-owning the notable East Village Restaurant, Mugsy’s Chow Chow, a period she claims was the best time ever and the most challenging thing she has ever done to this day as well as was a period of highly intense and prolific creativity that became a game-changer in her life and career. After eight years, which she says really seemed like a lifetime in that business, she decided it was time to move forward, to come up for some air so to say, and step into a new chapter, and so she did and went on to create an entirely new one.

She began to exhibit more frequently and take on more and more art projects. Along with art she was always inspired by and passionate about fashion and adornment and was excited at this time to score a managing position at a very successful Nolita Boutique, which the owner pretty much let her run the show and not only sell the coolest clothes and accessories but sell and show her art there. Commitment and focus started to really pay off and she was now selling more art than ever before and she began to be featured in such publications as, The Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists edition, Artforum, The International Contemporary Artists, NY Arts Magazine and several more. For as long as her art career has been blooming Micci’s passion for adornment, for creating her jewelry and selling it never took a back seat and in 2008 she decided to open up her first Etsy store, Micci Cohan NYC and started selling her one of a kind pieces of jewelry alongside smaller original art. Both the art and jewelry started to reach a larger audience and were sold worldwide and with celebrities such as Esperanza Spalding wearing her jewels well, that was she says, just awesome!

Working for years as well as a freelancer, she has been commissioned to create many artworks for patrons, she claims, The Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater, a New York City theater institution, was one of her all-time favorite art jobs/ experiences, and she also was delighted at the time to learn soon after many of the original paintings of the posters were auctioned off alongside American and European Artists, including Calder, Haring, and Miro. Also, another one of her other favorites jobs was creating album art for the Brooklyn Indie Pop Band, Salt Cathedral.

In 2013 Micci moved to Long Beach, NY, and began yet another chapter filled with wonderful new experiences and inspirations. Shortly after moving, she found an Art Studio in her neighborhood called, The Mermaid Art Studio where she assisted in teaching kids art and where she also taught many jewelry and mixed media workshops. Fast forward to 2016, while still doing her art and jewelry businesses and accepting commissions, she began to feel there was something big-time missing in her life, like helping people in some way but not exactly sure in which way or what kind of job, she found the answer when she took a job at an assisted living place to be a recreational director. Soon finding herself extremely passionate about this new gig, she focused each and every day on making lives better by creating engaging wonderful programs and activities, by making people feel happy, important, cared about and loved. One of her favorite quotes is, “We rise by lifting others.”

Currently, she still loves to mix the art biz up with, art teaching, creative workshops, design projects, and freelance work and she is largely now selling via Instagram, as well as on Etsy for smaller art and jewels and from her studio in Long Beach, NY.