I thrive on the process of creating; the most important thing for me since day one has always been the journey itself for it is during the journey the soul’s gates are unlocked and only the purest of truths flood out. Creating is an innate euphoric love affair, a self-imposed vow, a dedication, a stampede to all that is my vital core. Through creativity I am understanding and connecting to myself in the deepest way possible, I am expressing myself to share and communicate with the world what I need to, I go to a place where I meet myself and I dance that eternal dance! Micci Cohan / 2020

Born in NY, prolific artist Micci Cohan is best known for her exuberant, colorful, expressive palette and an eclectic range of styles. Her work evokes a unique timelessness transcending current trends or categorizations. Since graduating from Parsons School of Design in the late ’80s, she has exhibited and sold her work in galleries and private collections around the world.

For most of the ’90s Micci was painting out of her NYC Bowery studio alongside with co-owning the notable East Village Restaurant, Mugsy’s Chow Chow, a period she claims was of highly intense and prolific creativity that became a game changer in her life and career. Her paintings have been auctioned off alongside American and European Artists including Calder, Haring, and Miro and she’s been featured in publications such as, The Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists edition, Artforum, The International Contemporary Artists and in the NY Arts Magazine. As a freelancer, she has been commissioned to create many artworks for patrons, to name a few, The Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater, a New York City theater institution, and the Indie Pop Band, Salt Cathedral Currently.  For as long as her art career has been blooming Micci’s passion for adornment, for creating her jewelry and selling it never took a back seat and in 2010 she opened up her Etsy store, Micci Cohan NYC, and started selling her one of a kind pieces worldwide. During this time she was also teaching many jewelry workshops as well as her mixed media art workshop, Senses Be Brave™  Currently she continues to focus solely on her art, (which is still available on Etsy but largely now selling via Instagram and from her studio in Long Beach, NY ) and her side gig as a Recreational Director at an Assisted Living Facility, a position she is extremely dedicated to, one that has totally changed her life and where each and every day she is passionate and on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives.