Artist / painter / illustrator / jewelry maker /and Chieftess of the MICCI COHAN STUDIO, Micci has been creating art for 30+ years, has exhibited in numerous galleries and venues and has been selling steadily both in the states and internationally since the late 80’s.
Micci Cohan is best known for her exuberant, expressive palette and incredible range of styles. Her paintings celebrating vibrant worlds splashed with the color of innocent glamour and unbridled sensuality have been a fixture on the New York art scene since the 1980’s.
Her work evokes a unique timelessness transcending current trends or categorizations.
Cohan’s candid explorations of her inner world intertwine with collected inspirations to transform into a fluid visual unity. Light-hearted joy, bright colors, and an intense passion for creating permeate her work. The kaleidoscope of impressions, shared with the audience is fused together from various world cultures, music, fashion, art history and every day soul searching.
Since graduating from Parsons School of Design, Cohan’s art has acquired a devoted following of collectors and buyers that span the globe. She has been exhibited at such venues as Fusion Arts Museum, NY, 532 Gallery, Thomas Jaeckel, Ward-Nasse Gallery NY, and ADA Gallery VA. Her work has been auctioned off alongside many American and European Artists such as Calder, Haring and Miro. She has been included in publications such as,The Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums and Artists, The International Contemporary Artists Vol II and the NY Arts Magazine, Vol. 14.
Cohan’s creativity is not limited to the paintbrush. Music industry notables have worn pieces from her jewelry line MICCI COHAN NYC formerly know as, Inspira Metro. She publishes a top-rated weekly contemporary art blog that discusses the art within each of our every day lives and sheds light on her current inspirations. Cohan has also been commissioned to do illustration work by notable clients including the prestigious Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater, a New York City theater institution and the band, Salt Cathedral. Currently living in Long beach, NY, Micci continues on her creative journey> and teaches her “Senses Be Brave” Mixed Media Workshops and Jewelry Workshops.